One of the unique services Cameron Mechanical provides to our corporate partners who are responsible for multiple locations that are far from their Facility Management offices, is being their eyes and ears at these locations.  If you have one of these stores that have a higher than normal repair cost or experience ongoing problems that wont seem to go away under the care of a repair company, we go in and assess the situation to great detail, making observations, and remarking the effect of these observed issues as they relate to symptoms of current problems.  These evaluations are completely documented with hard data collection from calibrated instrumentation, video, photos, and failed part returns.  This information is quickly provided to the Facility Manager for precise action.  This enables more accurate decisions to be made by the customer on what specific repairs to make, in what order, so that budgeting remains captured within goal while working toward the elimination of these issues that consume time, money and effort that can now be put toward the customer experience, rather than repeat repairs.  Listed below are a few examples of this Service Provider communication.