"I have never met a company that treats the customer as if you have known them your whole life. Before I started using Cameron Mechanical, we were experiencing several reoccurring or unresolved issues at several locations.  When we began using them, they showed us what was wrong with our equipment with pictures before beginning the repair and then again after fixing the item. They still provided me with visual detail support though power points so I could easily show our V.P.  Of Operations the condition of our facilities and repairs that are needed to be done. They are great on communication and transparency.   I am given a text message each time a service call is in process and then when it is completed so I am able to focus my attention in other areas and not wonder if a problem has been solved.  They contact me, without me needing to contact them.  During PM visits they document issues they find in need of repair with visual and technical documentation, reporting these things to me  through email, text or phone call depending on the severity of the issue. Heath and Cameron are two people that will show and tell you the correct way it needs to be fixed. This company is the best at customer service that I have ever seen and the most honest company I have every worked with.  Heath has years of experience in the field on repairing equipment from HVAC and refrigeration to commercial appliances.  This experience and knowledge has resulted in getting our needed repairs done right the first time and eliminating problems instead of them reoccurring over and over again. I would recommend this company to anyone that wanted a great Facility Maintenance company. Hands down the best I have ever seen."

Keith Bass

Current position - Kitchen Manager

Restaurant Experience - (14yrs - Logan's Roadhouse, Roadhouse Grill, CiCi's Pizza )

" I have known Heath for over 10 years and called on him for the service and maintenance needs at the places where I have worked.  From freezers to coolers, roof top issues to grills, he can fix it.  He has been available when I needed him whether day, night, weekend, or holiday; always ready and willing to do what needs to be done.  Cameron Mechanical does great quality work and gives accurate estimates on cost and time to get things repaired.  These are the reasons why I called on him for all my equipment and facility needs." 

"Cameron Mechanical is by far the most honest and trustworthy Service Company I have ever worked with.  They provide me with service in the areas of  HVAC, Commercial Appliances, refrigeration, ice machines, preventative maintenance, stainless welding, and general repair needs.  Although Heath and his son Cameron have only been working with me for a short time, I feel like I have known them for years.  My staff and I can contact them 24 hours a day to get various methods of technical support at no additional charge. They are always quick to respond, friendly and professional when they arrive, while doing a thorough job of communicating the details of repair and maintenance issues.  When there is a need for repair they detail the method to fix it, the cost involved and how long it will take.  As a regular practice, they document the repairs with photos and video, communicating these things to me even when I am not at the store. They go the extra measure of giving us causes for failures to eliminate problems in the future.  They are always available when I need them, no matter the time or day of the week.  When Heath came to work with us he gave a history of his extensive background and experience.  His years of experience shines through in the quality of service he provides us.  I am 100% satisfied with Cameron Mechanical and would recommend them to anyone needing a higher quality experience in any area of Facility Service. "

"I conducted business with Cameron Mechanical for six years while at Copeland's of New Orleans with all of our repair and maintenance work at the restaurant as kitchen manager.  Now as General manager at Logan's Roadhouse I am using Cameron Mechanical here also for all our repair needs.  In closing i would like to say thank you to Heath for all your hard work and extra effort to make our equipment run at 100%."

Bennett Greenslait

Current position - District Manager at Sonic - Mobile Alabama

Restaurant Experience - 15yrs

Vince Richards

Current position - Operations Manager at Blue Bell Creameries - Bossier City Louisiana

Industrial Refrigeration Experience - 25yrs

Kurt Richard

Current position - Managing Partner at Texas Roadhouse - Mobile Alabama

Restaurant Experience - 25yrs 

Drew Head

Current position - Managing Partner at Chilis - Bossier City Louisiana

Restaurant Experience - 20yrs 

"Cameron Mechanical has serviced two restaurants that I have managed.  The service is outstanding and Heath's insight into the big picture of operations and budget managing is great.  I would recommend them highly to any other restaurant."

"Heath and Cameron Mechanical have been doing work for me at the concepts I have worked for since April 2005.  In this time Heath has proven to be one of the best I have ever seen in HVAC/R & Mechanical Contracting, he has been the most dedicated vendor I have ever partnered with.  Cameron Mechanical has always taken care of problems on the first call, rarely ever having to be called back out for the same thing.  His expertise and professionalism have been a joy to work with over the past decade".

"Cameron Mechanical was recommended by another customer as we were looking for another company to work on our trucks freezer units and the three 15hp 460 volt 3 phase systems for our warehouse freezer at Blue Bell Creameries. They did not disappoint.  They do excellent work, but they also communicated the issues and educated us on how to solve problems in a way I had never experienced before. I learned a tremendous amount from them and the service was always top notch and very professional. They will be hard to replace and their service will be missed now that they have relocated out of our state."

Brian Lemoine

Current position - General Manager

Restaurant Experience - (24yrs - Logan's Roadhouse, Copelands of New Orleans )

Todd Cowart

Current position - Managing Partner at Texas Roadhouse - Longview Texas

Restaurant Experience - 28yrs